About Me

Meeting the challenges of a tough market is difficult in any business. Experience, great determination and expertise are what make Neil Klemow the most sought after, well respected Real Estate Broker, Certified Residential Specialist, in Southern California.

A 22 year veteran of Real Estate Sales and Marketing, Neil has the kind of experience that counts in the fast-paced world of Real Estate. He has become very much in tune with local conditions. Intelligence and a strong work ethic are essential elements of his success as a Real Estate Broker.

"Being very smart, talented or unique in some way can get you out in front of the competition. Hard work, honesty, and service are what keep you there. I approach each client as an individual and don't assume or take for granted that someone else is going to do my job. Taking full responsibility for my work is what has helped gain my client's confidence and keep it"

A good Real Estate Broker can guide you through the maze and assist you in making the right choices. Whether you are selling or purchasing a home, Neil has the experience and knowledge you need! Your Real Estate transactions involve the most important financial decisions you may make for yourself. In addition to his resolve to provide his clients with the best possible service, and his honest approach to business, Neil has the ability to draw people in and win them over as fast friends and loyal clients.

"Being a team player is a big part of my success. When working with buyers, sellers or other agents, I want that person to know that we all share a common goal and that I'll do more than my share to make things happen."